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"We actively inspire and empower children
and young people in the UK to make
healthier dietary and lifestyle choices"

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Welcome to the Yoghurt & Juice Network

The Yoghurt & Juice Network was founded by two nutritionists, Yasmin Muswell and Jenna Hope, who are passionate about inspiring and educating children, parents and teachers about food and the importance of nutrition. The network does this through face to face, interactive and engaging classroom workshops, assemblies, whole school initiatives and teacher and parent talks.

The Yoghurt & Juice Network was an idea born during a long car journey, where founders and Nutritionists, Yasmin and Jenna, were fed up of listening to the responsibility of the current state of children’s health being passed between parents, schools, industry, government and so on. As a result, they decided to take on some of the responsibility themselves, by creating The Yoghurt & Juice Network and providing credible nutrition education, first hand, to children, parents and teachers in schools and colleges.  The network strives to achieve it’s aims through delivering classroom workshops, assemblies, whole school initiatives and teacher and parent talks through innovative and creative means.

At The Yoghurt and Juice Network we strongly believe that healthy eating should always be enjoyable, delicious and never a chore. We believe in educating children to allow them to enjoy making healthier choices whilst understanding the benefits to their long term health.

We strongly feel that children should be provided with the best chances possible and understanding the relationship between what they eat and their health outcomes is the perfect place to start.

Scientific understanding is constantly emerging and there’s plenty of current research to suggest that what children eat has an impact on weight management, mental wellbeing, cognitive performance, concentration and behaviour in schools. One study showed significant improvements in cognition and performance outcomes following a lower sugar breakfast compared with a higher sugar breakfast.

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